Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our wing man - Clinton Stringfellow

Over the next week or two we will be slowly unveiling our all time Wairarapa-Bush All Black team, selected from players who have been national representative and have also played for Wairarapa, Bush, or Wairarapa-Bush. 

Our first player to be selected was fullback Archie D'Arcy - this time it is the winger J.C. Clinton Stringfellow, who played most of his 113 games for Wairarapa, Wairarapa-Bush and Bush at centre, where he was described as a ‘grand player, speedy and certain in his movements’.   The first player to play over 100 games for any representative side in New Zealand, he was one of four Wairarapa players in the 1929 side to Australia, playing in two tests.

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