Sunday, July 31, 2011

Papers Past makes it to Masterton

The National Library runs a magnificent website, dedicated to providing digital content from old newspapers through a marvellous search engine.  It has proven to be a wonderful tool for anyone undertaking research, whether it be family history or more serious and complicated delving.
There has been a big problem for researchers into Wairarapa's history  -  until recently there has been no Wairarapa newspapers represented among those digitised.  All that changed late in July when the Wairarapa Daily Times, from 1902-1919 was added to the list of those available.  
This is exciting news to the staff at the Wairarapa Archive who have another tool added to the repertoire of those they can use to help customers, and it is also a great benefit to other researchers.  The Archive already holds an index for the period 1878 to 1902, so the new facility will greatly extend the newspapers now searchable.
 You can access the new page and search through these papers here.

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